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Knowledge Management System: K-Seek

K-Seek is an Internet based knowledge management system that is ideal for capturing all the essential activities of any mission critical job. Mission critical jobs vary from business to business. For example, in the case of a large information technology outsourcing company, the critical job is Account Manager. For a company like Symantics that essentially sells copies of the same software, the critical job would be Sales Manager. In the manufacturing industry the critical job is usually plant manager. Of course K-Seek can act as a knowledge managment sytem for virtually any job in any industry but it is usually only feasible to spend the time and money to capture the mission critical jobs. When the people holding these jobs are geographically dispersed and numerous a knowledge repository or knowledge management system can be the critical success factor or competitive advantage the company or organization needs.

We have a ready made, web-based system that you can lease for a very reasonable annual license fee. It comes complete with all the consulting you are likely to need to first capture, then commumnicate your expectations for your most critical job or position. For those who want to move beyond the capture and dissimination of knowledge, the system can also be used as a reporting tool. After all...success is all about doing the right things and doing them at the right time.

From Fortune 100 to Russell 2000 to companies as small as $5 million in revenue a year, we have a cost effective solution for you. Why not contact us today for a free, no-hassel, test drive. Call me or simply press the demo request button above. Don Bodwell, 972 734-6350.