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iMarketing Website Solutions

More and more people are turning to the web to quickly find the products and services they need. In fact, the web, with it's incredibly powerful search engines, has already replaced the Yellow Pages as the reference source of choice for shoppers. Most businesses have learned that a well-designed website that is positioned properly on the Internet, can bring in huge numbers of new customers. As a result many have made tremendous efforts to get on the first page of search results. In fact whole new industries have sprouted to take advantage of this "free advertising" opportunity. Unfortunately, unless your market is very local or your product is very specialized, the day of free Internet advertising is drawing to a close. Google, Bing and Yahoo, who between them control 95 percent of Internet searches have changed their algorithms to drive dot com's off their front pages. Today the only way for any but the largest or most ubiquitous companies to be found on the front pages of search results is to pay for it via pay-per-click advertising.

"Clearly, PTC Webworks Pro's management of our pay-per-click marketing campaign has produced outstanding results by bringing in new qualified investors."

  Joe Ireland,
  Lone Star Securities

Learning to manage a pay-per-click Internet marketing campaign is complex and requires a steep learning curve. It's easy to spend large sums of money and wind up with little in the way of results. iMarketing can involve all of the following:

We have the knowlege and experience to manage your iMarketing campaign. Usually it's possible to determine potential results within a matter of weeks, sometimes days. This keeps campaign start-up costs low and helps you to succeed inexpensively. We charge a small initial set-up fee and a small percentage of your total iMarketing spend to manage your campaign from concept to results.

At PT Consulting Partners, we know you want more than simply more visitors to your site. You want more of your visitors to contact you to buy your services and products. Our iMarketing solutions offer the opportunity to reduce advertising expense and, at the same time, reach a regional, national, or international market that would otherwise be out of reach.

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