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eCommerce Website Solutions

eCommerce offers retailers, authors, professional speakers, lecturers, and teachers the ability to market their goods and services over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike traditional marketing which requires expensive targeted print, TV or radio ads, eCommerce enabled websites act as beacons that draw customers from an entire geographic area. As a result, potential customers who would be unreachable in a direct marketing approach are able to find your website. This creates the ability to effectively and inexpensively market goods and services to very narrow market niches.

"Every month PTC Webworks Pro's eCommerce solutions are driving new sales for the training side of my business."

Marsha Clark,
Marsha Clark & Associates

Once your potential customers arrive at your site you want to be able to immediately convert them to actual customers. This is where eCommerce comes in. By being able to instantly take their order and money while they are ready to buy, you increase sales and turnover results.

Depending on the situation, eCommerce activities can involve any of the following:

eCommerce usually involves having the ability to accept orders and payments online. If you want eCommerce capabilites you will need the following services: Merchant Account, Payment Gateway, Shopping Cart, and Secure Certification. Each of these services are difficult to set-up and coordinate. Over the years we have identified the service providers that work together best, have the most flexible capabilities, and provide the best customer service. We also have the ability to build Expert Systems to help you automatically qualify your prospective customers.

At PT Consulting Partners, we know how time consuming your business can be. Our eCommerce solutions offer the opportunity to reduce office expense and, at the same time, reach a regional, national, or international market that would otherwise be out of reach.

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