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Articles About Getting The Most From Your Website

The Internet offers an ever expanding set of capabilities for businesses. These articles provide practical advice on website design and explore some of the innovative possibilities the web offers to improve business processes, customer satisfaction, and business performance.

"Spinning the Web", by Donald J. Bodwell, Advance For Directors in Rehabilitation, December 2004, pp. 11-15. Although this article was written for rehabilitation directors, it contains many principles and insights about how to determine what to include in a well-designed business website. The article also explains basic website organizational concepts, and effective use of photos, maps, and contact forms. Here you'll learn the value of orienting your website's content to be customer centric versus self promoting.

"The New Science of Developing New Business", by Donald J. Bodwell. This article takes a practical look at the potential for boosting sales to new customers, new business development, by using the Internet to provide a sales team with the information they need to know about how to turn sales prospects into customers. This can be accomplished by mapping the decision making process of the most effective members of the sales team and making this information available anytime, anywhere to the entire sales force.

"Web Enabled Decision Support Systems", by Donald J. Bodwell and Darell J. Herbst. As mobile computing ubiquitous, the doorway is open to providing a vast store of knowledge about problem identification and resolution to remotely-based troubleshooters. The ability to use the Internet to make highly specialized knowledge available to remote problem solvers is going to be a true source of competitive advantage for early adopting companies.

At PT Consulting Partners, we know you want to take full advantage of all that the web has to offer. That's why we have invested heavily in developing a full range of Internet capabilities. That's also why we spend the time up-front to gain a clear understanding of your business and your business processes. We want each of our customers to gain a clear competitive advantage over the competition. We firmly believe that the Internet offers a wide doorway for accomplishing that objective.

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