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PT Consulting Partners is made up of seasoned executives who offer clients unparalleled support in harnessing the power of the Internet to drive business results.

The firm's partners, Donald J. Bodwell and Darell J. Herbst, bring a combined 60+ years of business experience to support your Internet initiatives.

Prior to leading EDS into the consulting field, Mr. Bodwell managed systems teams, EDS' Corporate Employee Benefits, EDS' Corporate Employee Relations, and Human Resources for EDS' largest division--The Finance and Insurance Group. Mr. Bodwell developed the very successful concept of employing High Performance Teams to reengineer processes and manage change. Mr. Bodwell also served as EDS' head coach for High Performance Team building efforts around the globe. Simultaneously, Mr. Bodwell co-developed EDS' highly effective Account Management Web Site which provides performance evaluation and guidance to EDS account managers around the world. For the past 16 years he has been President of PT Consulting Parters.

Mr. Herbst's career includes experience as a Systems Engineer, Systems Engineering Manager, Operations Research/Industrial Engineering Manager, Human Resources Manager, and Consulting Manager. Mr. Herbst has an outstanding reputation for designing and implementing information technology solutions in such varied areas as Expert Systems, Manpower Planning, Process and Mathematical Modeling, and Strategic Purchasing. Mr. Herbst also created the highly effective Process Pathfinder software package which is used to ascertain the true cost and process and cycle times of business processes. For the past 16 years he has been Chief Operating Officer of PT Consulting Partners.

Teaming together with customer leaders, PT Consulting Partners, Inc. develops high performing Internet based solutions for businesses and governments around the globe.

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